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Using Your Warranty

If your PC system develops a serious problem that you can't resolve yourself or with the assistance of the company's technical support department, you may end up having to send the machine back for repair. If you've followed the key points of advice I make in this buyer's guide, then you purchased a system with warranty coverage. This means you will be able to get the manufacturer of the PC to correct the problem, though you may still incur some cost and inconvenience in doing so.

Making use of your warranty is usually a fairly simply matter, similar to returning an item to a vendor. Contact the manufacturer and obtain an RMA number, and then send the item back. The main complication is that you may at times have a bit of trouble convincing the technical support person that the item needs to be returned for warranty service; it's not common but it does happen. Stick to your guns; if the company can't fix the problem over the phone, they need to fix it in person. For more detailed information on warranty service, see this section. If you are having trouble getting warranty service, refer to this page.

Note: If your PC fails very soon after you purchase it, don't send it back under a warranty claim; return it to the vendor for replacement with a new unit.

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