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Dealing With Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer's remorse is an emotional reaction that many consumers have after making a major purchase. During the time that they are considering the buy, and the different options they have in making it, they are excited. Then they make the purchase and there is a "let down" of sorts as the excitement fades and they are left doubting themselves, wondering if they chose the right item, the right vendor, paid the right price for the item and so on. Almost everyone has experienced this from time to time.

Buyers of PCs are probably more prone to this than buyers of most other items. This is due to the combination of a PC's expense and the fact that the market changes so rapidly. What's hot today is yesterday's news in a few weeks; new processors come out all the time, new software, upgraded operating systems and so on. And prices drop very quickly as well. All of this is enough to make you feel that you made a bad decision no matter how much work you do in researching and purchasing your system!

I have no magic solutions to this problem. What I will tell you is this: the feeling of remorse is normal and natural, and you shouldn't deny it. At the same time, you should recognize that it is not usually something that means you have actually done anything wrong. In reading and applying the information in this Buyer's Guide you have taken more control over the buying process than 99% of those who ever buy a PC. You can only do your best; make your selection and then make the best of it. There is value in learning from the experience, but little in using the clarity of hindsight to berate yourself over not making the exactly optimal choice.

Accept that prices will drop and new technologies will come out all the time. This is fine. It doesn't mean that you paid too much, or you should have waited, or that your system is now "obsolete". As I talked about in the section on timing, you can wait forever to buy a system if you focus on the fact that prices fall. And a PC does not become obsolete the second something newer comes out. See here for more on my thoughts on so-called "obsolescence".

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