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How To Use This Guide

The PC Buyer's Guide is divided into five main sections or categories, which roughly approximate the steps that you should take when approaching the task of buying a PC. I recognize that you may not have the time or desire to read 250+ pages of detail on buying PCs, so I structured the Buyer's Guide into two levels:

  • Summary Level: The Step-By-Step Summary Guide To Buying A PC contains five pages that distill the information in the rest of the Buyer's Guide into specific step-by-step instructions and summarized tips. This is a useful place to start, as it introduces the rest of the material, and includes dozens of links for more detail on any subject you may want to explore further.
  • Detail Level: There are five main sections that correspond to each of the five pages in the Summary section mentioned above. In these sections you will find over 250 pages that provide full detail on just about every issue of relevance to a PC buyer.

You should recognize that step by step instructions and procedures don't always work perfectly, because the process isn't entirely linear. For example: you should define what you want your system to be like before you do comprehensive vendor and price comparisons; but at the same time, you can't define your system if you don't have at least an approximate idea of what various systems and components cost! So you may have to combine or rearrange tasks as necessary. Always do what makes sense for your particular situation. The beauty of the Web is that you can read what you want in any order you like!

This Guide is definitely written with an eye towards the purchase of PC systems and components. However, most of the tips, techniques and warnings you will find here are applicable to the purchase of most any similar product. I'd say that probably 90% of what is in this Guide would be directly relevant to the purchase of any consumer electronics device.

One of the reasons that I wrote the PC Buyer's Guide, and The PC Guide as a whole, is to contribute my knowledge to the general public of people interested in PCs and PC issues. Feedback on this Guide is of course most welcome! Tell me if it meets your needs, or if it doesn't; if it leaves you with unanswered general questions or areas you feel I should have covered but did not. That said, realize that I can only speak in generalities. I don't know enough about anyone's particular circumstances, needs, desires and finances to tell them what specifically to buy for a PC. As such, I would ask only the following of you: Please do not send me email asking me to configure a system for you, or asking me what you should buy. Pretty much everything of relevance that I know is right here waiting for you. :^)

Note: Due to my utter ignorance of the practicalities of every-day life in Europe, Asia and other areas outside the United States and Canada, this Guide is somewhat "North-America-centric". I realize that other countries will have different types of stores and ways of buying PC systems and components, and I have tried to keep the text as geographically-neutral as possible, while recognizing that the majority of my readers are in North America.

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