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Multimedia Manipulation Machine

Description: A PC system for someone who will be doing a large amount of editing and manipulating multimedia files. These include sound files, photographs, graphics, video and such. The distinguishing feature of these types of files is that they are very large and editing them requires very significant PC resources. In the case of visual media, a good monitor is also a necessity. These systems may be for either home or business use.

Typical Applications Used: Graphics editors and viewers; sound editors; other applications.

More Important Requirements Factors: Performance, ergonomics, upgradeability, expandability, reliability.

Less Important Requirements Factors: Usability, cost, availability, service.

Performance Priorities: These applications are among the most demanding in the PC world. A high-powered CPU, graphics subsystem and especially, a large amount of fast system memory are musts. The storage subsystem is also very important, especially for video editing, and a RAID array is often a good idea.

Recommended PC Types: A build-to-order PC tailored to the particular needs of the user. Failing this, a configure-to-order PC.

Recommended Sources: The best deals for this sort of high-end equipment often come from mail-order vendors. For the utmost in flexibility, consider home-building.

Budget: Count on at least $3000 for a good system designed for multimedia editing. For high-end video applications a fully-configured system optimized for editing can easily cost double this (considering that if a very large monitor is required, these alone can cost well over $1000).

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