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Step 4: Make The Purchase

Having determined your requirements, decided what hardware you want to buy, and selected a vendor to your liking, you are now ready to proceed with actually making the purchase of your equipment. There are a few extra considerations and additional choices related to making the purchase that you will want to keep in mind.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Time Your Purchase: You can wait forever to buy if you always want to wait until "next month when prices will be lower". At the same time, there are good strategies for timing your purchase if you aren't in a big hurry.
  2. Choose A Delivery Method: If you are ordering online or by mail order, decide what carrier you want to use. Keep in mind the value of order tracking, security issues with shipping, and also the impact of weather on long shipments.
  3. Select A Payment Method: There are a number of different methods that you can choose from to pay for your new system or components. I have divided these into two general categories:
  4. Purchase: You're now ready to buy your PC! If you are ordering a build-to-order or configure-to-order PC, be sure to get a detailed quote. If ordering online or mail order, get complete confirmation of order, stock, price and ship date information. Watch out for "extras" that companies will try to sell you at the time of the purchase.

If you've done your vendor research, and you have a bit of luck, you should have a relatively problem-free experience with your order. However, sometimes you may choose a vendor that turns out not to be what it appeared, and even good vendors have bad days and problems that turn up. To deal with these difficulties--in fact, even to help you learn what to watch for--you may want to refer to these three sections:

Here are some general tips to help with the purchase:

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