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System Memory

The system memory does not require any maintenance, other than being cleaned as part of overall cleaning of the inside of the system. Older computers that used individual DRAM chips on the motherboard were very susceptible to memory reliability problems due to "chip creep", where thermal expansion and contraction cause memory chips to slowly work their way out of their sockets. This is a prime reason why memory now comes in SIMMs and DIMMs instead of individual chips.

SIMMs and DIMMs do not normally need any maintenance and should remain in their sockets for years without any problems. On occasion, a problem with a socket can cause a SIMM or DIMM to not make proper contact. In this case, removing and then reseating the SIMM can cause the problem to disappear, but this is generally only required if there is a problem evident with the memory, so it isn't really preventive maintenance. If you have gold SIMMs in tin sockets or vice-versa, or if the sockets are covered with dust and you want to add more memory to the system, it is advisable to clean the socket and/or modules.

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