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Power Supply

On a high-quality system, the power supply is a reliable component that will function for many years without much problem at all. In fact, the power supply is probably the least likely component to fail on a typical system--provided you don't skimp and get one that is made ultra-cheap.

Most of what you need to do to keep your power supply running well is actually covered under the section regarding system care. The power supply's chief enemy is overheating, and this is usually caused by excessive dust and dirt coating the components and clogging the power supply fan. Of course, problems with the external power being fed to the power supply can cause difficulties as well. I recommend the following basic maintenance procedures here:

  • Check and Clean Power Supply Fan: The power supply fan should be inspected, approximately quarterly, to make sure that it is providing good ventilation and that it is not gummed up with dirt. It is most easily cleaned by either blowing it out with an air duster or using a vacuum cleaner with a small tip attachment.
  • Check Power Protection Devices: At the same time that you check the power supply fan, you should check your power protection devices to make sure they are still working properly.

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