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Eliminate the "Ticking" Sound During Bootup

Most PCs make a "ticking" or buzzing noise as the PC is booted, when it performs the power-on memory test. Some people (like me) find this sound quite irritating, especially when doing frequent reboots. You can disable it by using the appropriately-named "Memory Test Tick Sound" BIOS setting (your PC may have the same setting with a slightly different name).

Note: On a just-assembled PC, or one with hardware problems, it is recommended that you leave the tick sound enabled. The reason is that hearing this sound tells you that your speaker is connected and working. The BIOS of your PC will produce beep codes if it encounters a failure trying to initialize the PC at boot time. Knowing that the speaker is working means that if you don't hear any beep codes at boot time, then none are being generated. Not knowing if the speaker works means being unsure of whether or not your system is generating beep codes and you just can't hear them.

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