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Operating System Performance Optimization

This section describes several optimizations aimed specifically at improving the way the operating system in the PC functions. The operating system is tied closely to the hardware in many ways, and I focus here on the interaction between operating system and PC hardware, and how to configure the operating system so that it squeezes the most performance from your PC. You will probably also want to check out the more hardware-specific optimizations that are found in this section.

Many of the optimizations in this area focus on the Windows 95 operating system; this is because it is the most common one presently in use. However, most of the concepts of performance enhancement that are presented here are generally applicable to any operating system. The exact implementation will differ but the principles are the same.

Windows 95 has many quirks and there are web sites that are devoted to adjusting and correcting those oddities. You may find some additional interesting optimizations on the Windows 95 Annoyances site.

Warning: Some of the optimizations below include making changes to the disk cache in Windows, using "vcache" settings. I have heard that this can cause problems with the operation of certain CD-R recorders. If you do encounter this sort of trouble, try removing any vcache settings and see if that improves the situation.

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