New PC Assembly Procedure

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  1. Gather and Inspect Components and Tools.
  2. Remove Cover From System Case.
  3. Prepare System Case for Assembly.
  4. Plan System Layout.
  5. Install Floppy Disk Drive.
  6. Configure Hard Disk Drive and CD-ROM Drive.
  7. Install Hard Disk Drive.
  8. Install CD-ROM Drive.
  9. Configure Motherboard.
  10. Install Processor.
  11. Install Heat Sink (for processors without integrated cooling).
  12. Install Cache Module (for systems using cache modules only).
  13. Install Memory Modules.
  14. Install Motherboard.
  15. Install I/O Port Connectors (AT form factor only).
  16. Install PS/2 Mouse Port Connector (optional, AT form factor only).
  17. Connect Motherboard and Case.
  18. Connect Floppy Disk Drive to Motherboard.
  19. Connect Hard Disk Drive to Motherboard.
  20. Connect CD-ROM Drive to Motherboard.
  21. Install Video Card.
  22. Perform Post-Assembly Inspection.
  23. Connect External Peripherals.
  24. Perform Initial Boot.
  25. Perform Initial BIOS Setup.
  26. Perform Initial System Tests.
  27. Install Additional Peripherals.
  28. Partition and Format Hard Disk.
  29. Install CD-ROM Driver.
  30. Install Windows 95 (or other operating system).
  31. Complete Assembly.
  32. Document System.

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