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NLX Form Factor

NLX is Intel's proposal for the future of mass-marketed, retail PCs, replacing LPX. It is similar in overall design to LPX, with a riser card arrangement and low profile, slimline case. However, it has been updated and modernized to allow support for the latest technologies while keeping costs down. For a full description of the NLX form factor's characteristics and design goals, see the motherboard form factors section on NLX. You can also find detailed specifications about NLX and other newer form factors at the Platform Development Support Web Site.

Many NLX cases are desktop units, but this is a slimline tower NLX case.
Note the expansion slots that run parallel to the motherboard.
(Enlight's EN-7850)

Image 1999 Enlight Corporation
Image used with permission.

Many slimline systems that were formerly designed to fit the LPX form factor are now moving over to NLX. One extra advantage of NLX over LPX is that it is a true standard, unlike LPX, making interchangeability of components more likely than it was for the older form factor. NLX seems destined to become of the most popular form factors in the PC world, complementing the ATX "family" of form factors.

The NLX specification does not define a new, specific "NLX" power supply form factor. NLX systems are intended to use ATX form factor power supplies.

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