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Turbo LED

The turbo LED is often yellow in color. It will obviously only mean something if your system has a turbo button that is connected and working. Many systems have this LED set permanently on regardless of the position of the turbo switch. (I do this personally on systems that don't use the turbo switch. Why? Otherwise, the user of the PC tends to think something is wrong with the system.) If the turbo switch is functional on the PC, the LED should reflect its status (on or off). Many newer cases skip the turbo LED entirely, and you won't find it on newer retail PCs.

Tip: If you have a system that uses both IDE and SCSI hard disks, connect this LED to the SCSI host adapter so you can see drive activity on both your IDE and SCSI disks independently. Or, use the turbo LED for some other feature of interest to you.

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