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Address Bus Size and Maximum RAM for Specific Processors

The table below shows the address bus width and maximum system memory for various processors. 32 bit address bus and 4 GB maximum addressability are by far the most common, and since it hasn't been a limiting factor in the vast majority of cases, there hasn't been a great impetus to widen the address space. Look here to see full details of all the characteristics for any specific processor.


Address Bus Width (bits)

System RAM

8088, 8086


1 MB

80286, 80386SX


16 MB

80386DX, 80486DX, 80486SX, 80486DX2, 80486DX4, AMD 5x86, Cyrix 5x86, Pentium, Pentium OverDrive, Pentium with MMX, Pentium with MMX OverDrive, 6x86, K5, K6, 6x86MX


4 GB

Pentium Pro, Pentium II


64 GB

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