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Intel Socket 1 Specification

Designation: Socket 1

Number of Pins: 169

Pin Rows: 3

Voltage: 5 volts

Motherboard Class: 486

Supported Processors: 486SX, 486DX, 486DX2, 486DX4 OverDrive

Description: What is now called "Socket 1" was originally "the" OverDrive socket. It is found on most of the 486 systems that were originally designed to be upgradable with an OverDrive chip. It supports the older 5 volt 486SX, 486DX and 486DX2 class processors natively. The only OverDrive that will fit in the Socket 1 is the 486DX4 OverDrive; the Pentium OverDrive will not fit because it has four rows of pins and the socket only has three. Socket 1 has been obsolete for some time. Note that this is not the same as the 168-pin socket that was used for the original processor on many 486 systems, because that socket will not take an OverDrive chip.

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