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102-Key "Enhanced" Keyboard Layouts

Several slightly modified versions of the regular American English 101-key Enhanced keyboard were created by IBM for by non-English PC users. These keyboards are virtually identical to the regular 101-key Enhanced keyboards, incorporating just slight differences from the regular U.S. keyboard.

Considering the United Kingdom layout as an example, the following changes have been made:

  • The regular number "3" key now yields "" instead of "#" when shifted.
  • The back-quote key yields the "" (horizontal bar) symbol when shifted instead of a tilde ("~").
  • The main <Enter> key has been enlarged; it is now L-shaped again (though upside-down; yikes!)
  • An extra key containing the supplanted "#" and "~" symbols has been added to the left of the main <Enter> key. This seems a major step backwards given the complaints about an extra key in this location in the 83-key layout.
  • Another step backwards: the backslash / vertical bar key has been relocated back to its former place--to the right of the left <Shift> key. Bizarre.

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