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BIOS Startup Screen

When the system BIOS starts up, you will see its familiar screen display, normally after the video adapter displays its information. These are the contents of a typical BIOS start up screen:

  • The BIOS Manufacturer and Version Number.
  • The BIOS Date: The date of the BIOS can be important in helping you determine its capabilities, since the "magic dates" of some features are fairly well known.
  • Setup Program Key: The key or keys to press to enter the BIOS setup program. (This is usually {Del}, sometimes {F2}, and sometimes another key combination.
  • System Logo: The logo of the BIOS company, or in some cases the PC maker or motherboard manufacturer.
  • The "Energy Star" Logo: This distinctive logo is displayed if the BIOS supports the Energy Star standard, which almost all newer ones do.
  • The BIOS Serial Number: This is normally located at the bottom of the screen. Since BIOSes are highly customized to the particular motherboard, this serial number can be used in many cases to determine the specific motherboard and BIOS version you are using. Check out Wim Bervoets' BIOS site for a huge list of these numbers.

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