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Chipset Special Features / Global Features

Cache Timing

Level 2 Cacheable DRAM Size / Cache Over 64 MB of DRAM

Level 2 Cache Size

System BIOS Cacheable

Video BIOS Cacheable

DRAM Parity Checking

DRAM Parity / ECC Mode

Single Bit Error Report

DRAM Speed / DRAM Timing / DRAM Auto Configuration

DRAM R/W Leadoff Timing

DRAM Read Timing / DRAM Burst Read Timing / DRAM Read Wait States

DRAM Write Timing / DRAM Burst Write Timing / DRAM Write Wait States

DRAM Speculative Leadoff

Turn-Around Insertion

Memory Hole

ISA (or AT Bus) Clock Speed / Divisor

8-Bit I/O Recovery Time

16-Bit I/O Recovery Time

Peer Concurrency

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