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CPU Power Plane

This setting controls how the voltage for the processor is to be specified. There are three different options. Depending on which one you select, the BIOS will change the other available voltage settings:

  • Single Voltage: This option is, of course, for conventional processors that use a single voltage only. Selecting this option enables the "Plane Voltage" setting and disables the other voltage settings.
  • Dual Voltage: Select this option for processors that use split-rail or dual voltage. This option enables the "I/O Plane Voltage" and "Core Plane Voltage" settings.
  • Via CPU Marking: Selecting this option will allow you to specify the CPU marking (specification) code for your processor, which will tell the BIOS how to set the voltage automatically. This is done using the "CPU Marking" BIOS setting, and the other voltage settings are disabled. The code is usually a five-character code such as "SY016" that is found on the top surface or bottom surface of the CPU.

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