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Integrated IDE Controllers

This setting enables or disables the integrated primary and secondary IDE/ATA controllers. If you are using an add-in IDE controller card (which there is normally no need to do), or if you are not using IDE devices at all (for example, if you use SCSI devices), you can disable the built-in controller here.

On some BIOSes a single setting controls both the primary and secondary channels; the options in this case are "Disabled", "Primary", "Secondary" and "Both". Other BIOSes have two separate "Enabled"/"Disabled" settings, one for the primary channel and one for the secondary channel.

The default on most systems is to enable both IDE channels. This is usually an acceptable setting for most PCs, but some systems can exhibit strange behavior if the secondary IDE channel is enabled but there are no drives on it; for example, Windows 95 may try to set up a drive controller device on the secondary channel and then get confused when nothing is on it. It is therefore prudent to disable the secondary IDE channel unless you are using it. This will also free up the IRQ used by the secondary channel (IRQ15) for use with other devices, if you need it. See this section in the Optimization Guide for ideas about optimizing IDE channel setup.

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