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Standard and Proprietary Memory Modules

The three common sizes of memory modules (30-pin and 72-pin SIMMs and 168-pin DIMMs) are fortunately pretty close to being an industry standard. The vast majority of PCs use the "standard" or generic type of SIMM/DIMM. This gives the machine's owner the flexibility to shop the market and get the best deal on new memory.

There are still some companies however, that insist on using proprietary memory module formats. In many cases it can be difficult to distinguish these from industry standard SIMMs or DIMMs. If your PC uses proprietary memory, you must get upgrade memory from the manufacturer or from certain companies that manufacture third-party memory compatible with the manufacturer's proprietary format. Either way, you will have much less choice and your memory will cost significantly more. Check your system manual or talk to your vendor if you are unsure of whether or not your machine uses standard memory.

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