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Burst Extended Data Out (BEDO) DRAM

Burst EDO or BEDO memory is another evolutionary improvement in conventional asynchronous RAM. In this case, EDO memory is combined with pipelining technology and special latches to allow for much faster access time than regular EDO. BEDO memory allows the use of much higher memory bus speeds than EDO. BEDO allows system timings of 5-1-1-1 when used with a supporting chipset.

BEDO memory allows for improved DRAM performance at very little additional manufacturing cost to the producer. In fact, BEDO arguably provides more improvement over EDO than EDO does over FPM. Despite this, BEDO has never caught on and remains a standard with little real support. It competes (in terms of performance) with SDRAM, but SDRAM has won out in the marketplace. The main reason that BEDO has lost out to SDRAM in my estimation is that SDRAM is supported by the widely popular Intel chipsets while BEDO is not. Chipset support is crucial for memory technologies to gain acceptance.

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