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Operating System and Software Links

The PCGuide site covers predominantly hardware information, so I have included here some links relevant to software topics, as well as sites containing downloadable software:

  • Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet: 'nuff said.
  • download.com: A large database of downloadable software.
  • DriversHQ: A very useful site containing drivers of all sorts ready for download.
  • The Driver Zone: A very nice site for locating drivers, with URLs of various company driver pages organized by component type.
  • JSI Inc.: A great resource on Windows NT, containing hundreds of tips and tricks, and also many Windows NT links.
  • Linux Online: A general information site covering the popular UNIX operating system implementation for PCs.
  • Lockergnome: A popular Windows 95/98/NT newsletter containing lots of useful information on the popular Windows operating systems and related topics in each issue.
  • Microsoft's Knowledge Base. Simply the best source of troubleshooting information for Microsoft operating systems. Assuming you can actually survive Microsoft's painful web site.
  • NONAGS: A freeware/shareware download site, specializing only in software that does not contain "nags" (reminders to register).
  • RegEdit - Windows Registry Guide: An interesting site dedicated specifically to issues related to the Windows registry. If you're a hard-core Windows tweaker, check it out...
  • www.winfiles.com: A very large site containing tons of file downloads and information on various Windows platforms, including Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. Formerly known as www.windows95.com.
  • Windows 95 Annoyances site: Contains lots of useful tricks and tips for tweaking Windows 95.
  • Windows 95 OSR2 FAQ: A useful resource containing lots of information about the latest, OEM only, Windows 95 release.
  • WUGNET: The web site for the Windows Users Group Network. Lots of tips, software and reviews related to Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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