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This site is frame-based. I realize that some people dislike framed sites, but I feel that the navigation advantages that frames offer make them worthwhile. I have considered ways of removing the frames on several occasions, but each concept I come up with for navigating without frames yields a result I feel would be more cumbersome for you, the reader. On the other hand, I have made sure that non-frame users can still access the site; it's just not as easy to do as with frames. (For what it's worth, I personally do 99% of my web access using a non-graphical browser.)

There are two frames that are used on the site. Along the left-hand side of the screen is the index frame. The index frame is used for navigation. Each section of information that has information in a structure below it, puts the links here. The main, right-hand part of the screen is the contents frame. This is where the actual contents of the site are placed for you to view.

Since the site is organized in a hierarchy, these frames are used in tandem to navigate the site. Each section of information you choose to view will generally contain some contents information and also some entries in the link frame for navigating to more information deeper in the structure. At the "bottom" of the structure the links in the index frame load individual pages into the contents frame.

Tip: The frames on this site can be resized for easier viewing.

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