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Optimal Browser Setup

Due to the size of this site, it is organized using a large number of hierarchically-arranged pages. The index and contents frames are intended to make this information easier to use. Due to the design of the site, it will work well on both browsers that have "Back" buttons that work properly in frames, and those older ones whose "Back" buttons are not frames-aware.

Tip: The "Up" link located at the bottom of each page can be used to go up one level within the structure of the page you are currently at. This functions similarly to how the "Back" button works on many browsers when you are traversing a structure from the top down, but is not the same when you are linking into different parts of the site. See the section on frames for more details on the "Up" link.

As for screen size, I'm not going to tell you how to set up or use your browser; that's your choice. I will say that since this site uses a lot of text in providing information and instructions, I recommend that you use 800x600 or higher resolution if your system will support it, as this will let you see more text at once than using 640x480. I would also recommend that you ensure your disk cache is enabled, as this will save time when accessing multiple pages. There's no need for high color depths on this site, 256 colors is fine, though high color looks nicer of course, especially for the graphics now being added to the site.

Note: I have experienced some problems with the background GIF file when using some versions of Netscape Navigator. The background of the site is a very light, mottled gray pattern. If you are seeing a blotchy green or blue pattern on white, try selecting "Options" under Navigator, choosing "General Preferences", selecting the "Images" tab, and changing "Choosing Colors" to "Dither". Then select "OK".

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