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Mechanical Precautions

Make sure you have a large, flat area to work on. That will minimize the chance of components falling, getting bent, or getting lost.

Don't tighten screws too far or you may strip them or make it impossible to loosen them later. Don't use screws longer than around 1/8" when mounting drives or you risk damaging the data storage areas of the drive.

You might not think of this, but watch out for sharp edges inside the case. The frame of most PCs is made from thin sheet metal, and the edges can cut your fingers if you aren't careful. I know, I've done it. :^) You can also cut or strip a wire. The cheaper the box, the more likely you are to find a sharp edge.

Sometimes it makes sense to turn your machine on with the cover off the case, to see if something works before replacing the cover. If you do this, be very careful to keep objects from accidentally falling into the box.

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