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The PC Guide "Tip Jar"

A few months ago, several of the regulars of the Discussion Forums indicated a desire to contribute to the site directly, and suggested that I create a "tip jar" where donations could be made. I originally resisted the idea because it seemed a bit "tacky" to me. However, I recognize that there are many people who might want to acknowledge the utility of The PC Guide to them by making a small contribution. It has been my experience that my readers and forum participants usually have better instincts than I do about what to do with the site, so I decided to put up the "tip jar" after all. :^)

For the convenience of those who wish to donate to the site, I have provided four different methods of payment:

  1. Regular Mail: This is the slowest method, but the most universal. Simply mail a check to the address below. Please include an email address so I can send you my thanks! If you don't want to include your e-mail address, then please consider this my thanks in advance:

    Charles M. Kozierok
    2080 Harwood Hill Road
    Bennington, VT

  2. Credit Card Payment (On Site): Please fill out the credit card payment form at the bottom of the page. This is my preferred vehicle for credit card tips, but there is also the PayPal option below if this is more convenient for you.

    Paypal Donation Amount:

  3. PayPal: If you are already a member of Paypal, you may find it more convenient to donate using the box on the right hand side. After pressing the "Donate" button, you will be taken to the Paypal site to complete the transaction..

Thank you very much for supporting The PC Guide!

To make a credit card payment on the site, just fill out the information in the form below and press the button; you will be taken to my secure credit card processing site where you can enter a credit card number to make the donation. A few notes about this process:

  • The email address is required by the credit card processor to handle the transaction, but all donations will be kept strictly confidential. You will receive an automated confirmation but no other correspondence.
  • The comment field is limited to 120 characters and will show up as "Ship To" on the credit card processing site. Don't worry about that; I just used that field so that your comment would be visible to me in the confirmation email I receive from the credit card company. Feel free to use the feedback page if you want to send me a longer note.
  • If you are a forum regular and want me to know "who you are" then please feel free to put your forum handle somewhere in the name or comment fields.
  • Please be especially sure to double-check the payment amount entered to ensure that it is the right value.
  • If you want to donate a fairly large sum, you may want to consider ordering the Disk Edition instead, since you will then get something "tangible" for your donation. :^)

  1. Personal Information:
  2. Name:
    Full email address:
  3. Tip Details:
  4. Payment amount (in US dollars):

  5. Credit Card Billing Address:
  6. Street address:
    Zip/Postal code:

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