Troubleshooting CD-ROM Drives - Configuration Problems

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My IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drive only works when slaved to a hard disk on the same IDE channel; it won't work by itself on an IDE channel

I changed the configuration of my CD-ROM drive by moving it from master to slave or from one channel to another, and now it doesn't work

The drive letter assigned to my CD-ROM drive keeps changing, which makes my installed programs not work properly

I am trying to share a CD-ROM drive over a Windows for Workgroups network, but I cannot access the CD-ROM from any of the other PCs on the network, even though I can share hard disks from the same machine with no problems

My CD-ROM drive works in Windows 95 but I can't access it when I restart in MS-DOS mode

The MSCDEX program that I am running in DOS is producing error messages or hanging up

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