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The monitor is producing a high-pitched whine

Explanation: There is a very high-pitched whine coming from the monitor whenever it is on.

Diagnosis: Many monitors, especially cheaper ones, produce this sort of noise when they are running. It tends to get worse with many monitors as they age. The noise will be exaggerated in many cases if there is no signal to the monitor. Some people are much more sensitive to this type of noise than others.


  • Check the signal connection from the PC to the monitor and make sure that there is a working picture. If the connection is not working, look here.
  • Try adjusting the controls for the monitor, particularly turning down the brightness somewhat, as this may make some difference.
  • Try changing the refresh rate; that may make a difference.
  • Try ignoring the noise, and you may find that in time it blends into the background. For example, many television sets make the same noise but people don't tend to notice it as much with TVs, presumably because what's on the screen is more likely to distract them.
  • Take the monitor to a shop for repair. There may be some components that can be adjusted to alleviate the problem.

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