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There is a problem relating to booting the hard disk or generally with its operation

There is missing space on my hard disk, or a problem where my disk is appearing to the system as smaller than it actually is (such as a large disk appearing as 504 MB or 528 MB in size)

I am having difficulties setting up or configuring my hard disks

I have a problem related to the dynamic disk overlay I am using on my system (programs like Disk Manager, EZ-Drive and the like)

I am having a problem related to disk compression or compressed disk volumes

My drive letters or volumes are changing or missing

I am experiencing errors when using my hard disk

There is a physical problem (heat, vibration, power, spinning down) or concern with my disk drive or the hard disk activity LED

There are file system problems, such as corruption of logical structures, or files, directories or file names being lost, corrupted or deleted

The performance of the hard disk is not what I expect it to be, or it is getting worse

I have problems specifically related to Windows 3.x, Windows 95, FAT32 or Windows 95 bus mastering IDE

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