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10-27-2001, 08:17 PM
Thinking about upgrading to WinXP. Wanted to format HD first. MS has a boot disk that you can download if you don't have a bootable CD rom drive.

Question: How does one know if she has a bootable CD rom drive? Is there a way to find out? Thanks.

10-27-2001, 10:26 PM
On the System Start Up Disk that you create from the various Windows OSs there are generic CD-ROM drivers...these do not work with all CD-ROMS that are available. To find out if yours is bootable using these drivers you can create a Start Up Disk...if you don't know how to do this post back for info, and select the option (I think #2) to boot using CD-ROM support...and see if your CD-ROM comes on line.

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10-28-2001, 07:19 AM

To see if you have a bootable CD-rom , and make it active.
Go into your Bios. Select the boot options and order.
If it lists cd-rom you can select it as a boot device.

Then when you save the changes and reboot the system will search the cd-rom drive when it restarts.
If the cd-rom drive you have in your system supports booting.
If you have a bootable cd in the drive it will boot off that cd

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10-28-2001, 06:57 PM
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