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09-11-2000, 02:37 PM
Montreal.le11septembre 2000

Dear PC-Guide,

I want to thank you twice, for the site and for that wonderful computer's mind support for Troubleshooting. We need you. keep going.

Now, lets me submit you my case.

NETMEETING 3.01(windows98,second Edition)

I saw the Desktop of the conferencer I'm talking to.But when I try to enter in , my curser is transformed in a in BLACK CIRCLE WITH A bar.

My NETMEETING is still working, when I know I must close it.

This is the point that when I try to close the Netmeeting by EXIT AND ACTIVATE SHARING . The programm tell me if I want to exit from it(My friend DESKTOP disaappear on my view).

I click yes and the Shared Icon shows up to my TASK bar. when I click to activate that Icon (Button right on it etc..) Nothing happen!

I reboot, and ACTIVATE the Sharung, Nothing happen and you know that I lost connection with my friend.

How do I solve that problem.

For more information, I have to tell you that I reach my friend by INSERTING HIS IP adress in NETMEETING Or by CLIKING my friend ICQ(2000)NUMBER With my RIGTH BUTTON and click on TELEPHONY VOICE CHAT

I hope to hear from you,soon !

Thanks, your site is very USEFUL!