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09-28-2000, 02:47 PM
I recently purchased a Compaq 5BW250 desktop computer and have no sound! How can I tell if the problem is in the computer or the speakers? The speakers are from my old computer, but it was also a Compaq computer. Would the older speakers be the problem? I hate to pack this thing up and return it. Any help would be appreciated. I have been through the book and on the Compaq website with no answers.

Mary Ann

09-28-2000, 06:39 PM
First, I assume you have made sure the speakers are in the right plug in spot on the sound card. I know, that would be the obvious, I am not trying to insult your intellgence in anyway, just checking.

Next, if you right click my computer, and click on properties. Then go to the device manager tab, and you click on plus sign next to sound, do you see any yellow exclamation ! marks next to anything in there? this would indicate a conflict on the sound card itself.

If it is a new compaq, and you check both of those out, then your best bet would be to call compaq tech support, assuming it is under warranty. They should be able to walk you though fixing it if it is a driver issue, which it usually is.

also, don't be suprised to find yourself having problems with your modem if you have a compaq with an hsp micromodem... those are one of teh worse 3 modems ever created... along with rockwell and conextant. If you are lucky enough to have an LT winmodem, then I would definately be relectant to give back the computer for another one, at least not without insisting you get an LT winmodem installed (or anything other than that hsp crap).

Joe Redd

Paleo Pete
09-29-2000, 02:54 AM
Check for device conflicts, as Redd suggested, and if it's new, by all means bug Compaq to death until they get it to work.

I wouldn't wish a winmodem of any type on anyone. Winmodems and hsp both are software based modems which tie up system resources while hardware modems work on their own. Winmodems also require an installation program that is a major nuisance to install. The only modem installation I've ever had trouble with was an LT winmodem. I can install a hardware modem and have it running in 20 minutes. The LT winmodem took me 3 hours!! The installation program hung up every time I tried it. Finally had to copy it to the hard drive and install from there instead of from floppy.

I have used Rockwell chipset hardware based modems (purely by chance) for 6 years, and have had several of them. Everyone in my family is currently using them as well. The only problem I have ever had was the telephone lines getting hit by lightning and frying modems. That's not due to any problem with the chipset...I have installed at least 50 Rockwell chip hardware modems, and to my knowlegde not one has ever had a problem, except for lightning.

56K.com article (http://www.56k.com/reports/winmodem.shtml)

<A HREF="http://www.nehp.net/trouble.htm" TARGET=_blank>Modem Trouble[/URL

Xelco article</A>

[url="http://www.palacenet.net/Support/modem/winmodem.htm"]PalaceNet (http://xcelco.on.ca/help/winmodem.html)

Inwave.com (http://www.inwave.com/web/support/winmodem.html)

Ripco (http://www.ripco.com/download/info/modems.txt)

I can go on...notice most of these are ISP sites, notifying their users of the drawbacks inherent in the winmodem. Winmodems are best used as paperweights.

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09-30-2000, 07:04 PM
Bug Compaq to death or return your computer and buy a different one from another brand. Compaqs are...nevermind (oppinion)