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11-13-2000, 07:29 PM
Ok, here is the lowdown. I was given my mom's computer to fix something (not sure what it is now) anyways, I anded up having to fdisk and reinstall windows. The problem is now in the display settings, the highest I can get is 16 colors when before I fdisked it was just fine and went up to 32-bit high color or whatever the highest was. The video card is on the motherboard and not in an expansion slot there fore I can't just get another one. Any ideas would be great cuz she's driving me nuts about getting it fixed. And also I can't for the life of me get her modem to be detected now either, Thanx in advance!

11-13-2000, 08:19 PM
If the modem and video are on board, I would guess that you don't have the drivers installed properly. On machines with on-board stuff, that is pretty much standard. You should try it this way: Put in the CD that came with the mainboard and let it autorun. When it gives you the option, you should install ALL of the drivers. You might need to go back in after that and remove the VGA video card from device manager and let it re-detect, then point it to the correct driver on your hard drive (the one that you just installed) to finish. Same process with the modem.

Good Luck!

11-13-2000, 10:48 PM
It never came with a cd and the modem is in an expansion slot like normal. neither one came with a cd.

Paleo Pete
11-13-2000, 11:24 PM
Download drivers from WinDrivers (http://www.windrivers.com) or WinFiles (http://www.winfiles.com) and install them.

Most of the time you have to have the COM port the modem uses disabled in BIOS, with the exception of Winmodems, in which case you go get a real modem...just kidding...but winmodems really are best used as paperweights...

anyway, after you get the drivers downloaded, the modem should detect when the drivers are installed.

Onboard video cards can sometimes be replaced, you have to get the motherboard manual and find out if the board has a jumper to disable the onboard video. If the onboard card works, you just need to install drivers. If you don't know what kind of vidoe card it is, you'll need the motherboard manual to find out, unless it's listed in Device Mananger.

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