View Full Version : Inno 3D Geforce2 MX w/tv out yields no tv out

10-30-2000, 05:00 AM
I am running Windows ME with Win98 driver for the Inno 3D Geforce2 MX w/tv out video card. I have crystal clear reception on the computer monitor but only green screen on boot up and then the message of unusable signal and black screen on the tv. I am suspicious of the driver situation but Inno3D doesn't offer a driver for Windows ME on their website. Any suggestions?

11-20-2000, 01:02 AM
Hmm...if you really want to use the tv out...do one of two things...downgrade to win98 (i think its better anyway!) or go buy something like an ATI tv wonder. Personally i have never been too impressed with the quality of a tv out. But i wish you good luck!