View Full Version : PCI Steering - Conflict

11-22-2000, 10:12 PM
I have a Win98 PC (OEM P-III) with Trident Blade 3D PCI/AGP Video Adaptor, a PNP Monitor and Motherboard from DFI (Diamond Flower), AWARD Mod BIOS V4.51PG. For quite a while I have been getting BlueScreenOfDeath, PLUS many GDI, etc. problems. I have installed latest driver for Trident Blade, and turned off several processes (Power Mgt, THEMES) but still have problems sporadically. The system report shows 2 possible conflict problems - both are IRQ Holder for PCI Steering (PCI\IRQHOLDER\61 and 62) though the same for 60 and 63 are reported to be OK.
SHOULD I IGNORE THESE ERROR MSGS? Are they really a problem? I know I can disable the IRQ Steering , but should I? I suspect this is just a red herring but would appreciate other opinions. THANKS