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Steve Harvey
12-02-2000, 04:17 AM
I have a weird problem which makes me believe that my new
3D Blaster GeForce 2MX can remember what PC it has been

I bought it last weekend and installed it in my system:
Abit KT7
Duron 650
96 Mb PC100 SDRAM

I powered up and the card worked okay, until the PC crashed just
after installing the drivers. When I re-started it, all I got was the dreaded beeeeep, beep beep, of a faulty card. I spent all of the weekend trying to make it work (via BIOS tweaks) but with no luck.
I gave it to my brother to try in his Aopen BX slot 1 system at it worked fine so he returned it to me. I placed it back into my system and it POSTed then loaded the drivers and crashed shortly after. On resetting, it was back to the beeps !!
The next day, I tried it in my Mother's PC (Gigabyte Super socket 7 and K6-450) and it worked fine. I returned it back to my machine and it POSTed (WOW I thought !!!) so I loaded the drivers and then - surprise - surprise - it crashed. Re-started the PC and it is back to the beeps with nothing working!!
I have consulted the expert on the KT7 motherboard (Paul Howland) and he reckons that the Power supply is to blame.

Does anyone (perhaps an expert in the way that the GeForce2 MX works) have an explanation for this phenomenon !! It is as if the aborted driver installation makes a non-volatile change to the card which prevents it from working again. Only placing the card in another PC makes it work.

Any advice will be gratefully received.

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Paleo Pete
12-02-2000, 09:13 AM
Check the BIOS for the AGP settings. If it is currently set to AGP 4X set it back to AGP 2X and see if that helps. Also check the AGP aperture memory setting, it should not be more than 64MB in most cases.

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