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11-28-2000, 10:20 PM
Few months ago I bought an beautiful Sony CPD-G400. Well, i thought it was beautiful until I plugged it in. Damn monitor was out of focus! Convergence adjustment didn't help at all because the picture is out of focus in the corners, but the center is ok and if I focus one side - the other becomes only worse.
So I tried to return it to my authorised sony dealer (in my country, Yugoslavia, where chance to solve problem like that legally usually doesn't exist). They said that error was too small to fix and within the factory error margin. Then I tried to contact sony, but I'm unshure if that will help at all.

So what do I need is the Sony specifications on the allowed convergence deviation for CPD-G400 or at least some hint about how much that could be?

I mean, it isn't like 1-2mm thick red shadow in the upper right of the screen is normal for that class of monitors?

Thanx in advance http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif

Charles Kozierok
11-28-2000, 10:29 PM
If it looks bad, you should get it replaced. I can't advise you regarding your rights in your country, but if it happened to me here I would raise sufficient fuss until it was dealt with adequately.

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11-28-2000, 11:27 PM
Thanx, I am raising fuss, and if I could get my hands on the information on the allowerd convergence deviation I probably would solve my problem in notime. http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif

So, anybody knows something about where could I get Sony specifications or some specs for that class of monitors?

12-18-2000, 06:10 PM
There is usually a focus adjustment on the flyback transformer than can be tweaked with a screwdriver. It will usually bring the tube back into focus with very little adjustment, assuming the capacitors are not way out of spec.

Be very careful when doing this. It requires that you remove the back of the monitor. The flyback transformer supplies high voltage to the picture tube. The tube has a high-voltage charge that it retains for a long period of time that can knock you on your can or even kill you. You should find someone who knows their way around a television or monitor if you have never opened one before. The rear of the picture tube is also very delicate and can't bear much pressure, so be very careful about how you place the monitor with the shell off. Someone who knows how to do it can do the adjustment in five minutes easily. Any TV repairman will be familiar with this control.

12-18-2000, 09:45 PM
If what you want are some specs try searching aroun on this site:

bestnetplace.com/MonitorManu/SearchManINT.html (http://www.bestnetplace.com/MonitorManu/SearchManINT.html)
They have specs for more monitors than I care to think about.

I just can't seem to think of anything intersting to put here!

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12-21-2000, 07:36 PM
thanx man, it looks like I might even find something there!