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01-09-2001, 11:24 PM
I have just installed a new Motherboard and processor, as well as a new AGP video card. My question is kind of a chicken and the egg issue. What do I do first,
Do I / Can I Boot the PC into DOS and load the card and monitor info, or do I Boot the PC and control out and update the new boards BIOS info, and then load the card and monitor info. Having never attempted this before any help would be appreciated.

01-10-2001, 04:07 PM
Have you installed an Operating System? If using Windows 9x you can setup the drivers up in it.

Click the start button.
Click settings
In settings click the control panel
Find the System Icon
Open the system Icon by double clicking on it.
Goto Display Adapter should be a Plus sign next to.
Click on the display adapter to open it .
Your display adapter is shown highlight it. Than right click. Scroll to properities and click on it.
Click update driver. Follow the on screen instructions. Make sure that you have the Driver disk and know the location of the driver. When the Wizard asks you where to look for the driver assuming you have it on CD click the CD button. and hit next. It will search for the driver. It helps if you know the location of the driver which should be listed in the manual for the Card.

After the driver is installed it will ask you to reboot the machine.

After you reboot go to the to the display in control panel and double click on it to open it. Click the settings tab and set your colors.

If you have a CD that came with the card you should install by following the instruction in the owners manual.

If you need to install the Drivers Manually than the above will be what you need to do.

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