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Big Daddy
04-30-2002, 12:14 PM
Recently got a new (old) super socket 7 motherboard by MiTac (5114VU). It has on-board video and audio. I have added a AMD k6-2 400 CPU, 128 MB of memory, 1.7 & 4.3 GB hard drives, CD-ROM and a 56K modem. Everything comes up great. But all of a sudden when booting up it loses its video setting and gives a message about the adapter can't handle the current settings. It displays on the screen the DISPLAY setting screen. The colors on the monitor are off. I reload the video drivers and everything is ok again. I change the setting to 256 colors and 800 x 600. It stays that way and then all off a sudden it goes away again. Run setup again for the video and it comes back. The video is an AGP Trident Blade 3D with 8MB of shared memory. How can I get it to keep the settings. The monitor setting is DEFAULT MONITOR (the actual monitor is an Everex brand).

04-30-2002, 01:55 PM
Iíve seen this happen a number of times.
In almost every case it was the signature on the drivers not being an exact match for the Video card installed in the system.

When you install the drivers do you get a warning or message something on the lines of.
This drive is not intended for use with you model card Or something to that affect ?

You may want to find another set of drivers for this card. even if you have to step back a version
If you are running the latest version available that is.

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Big Daddy
05-06-2002, 12:30 PM
I found another CD for a MSI motherboard that had the same onboard video. I loaded the drivers from the that CD and all the problems went away. I'm assuming that the drivers from the CD included with the MB were bad. Thanks for your help.