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12-06-2000, 08:47 PM
The light on my floppy drive constantly stays on when computer is running. I reset the BIOS, and the floppy is enabled in the BIOS. I've checked several times, and the cables are correctly connected.The floppy drive also can't be read in Windows 98. Its not checked when the computer boots up (it doesn't make the drive checking grinding sound it should make, but the light (which is green, not orange)comes on and stays on(I have a celeron 400, 32MB RAM, 4GIG HDD). I can't access a boot disk either.


12-06-2000, 09:26 PM
Well, it is usually because the cable is reversed. I have done it more than once.


Paleo Pete
12-07-2000, 07:17 AM
Please post your question in only one forum, you have answers in Storage Troubleshooting as well. That makes it less confusing, and avoids having these already busy folks answering the saame question twice and not realizing it.

Soon as I come up with all the answers...they change the questions!!

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