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01-26-2001, 10:54 AM
I have been having this problem since I built the machine.

When my modem (Creative Labs Modem Blaster DSI 56k/V 90) connects to my
ISP I get back a message, Modem unable to establish a connection.

I have gotten the modem to work by removing the modem than rebooting
and letting windows detect it again. But the same problem comes back the next time I try to use it.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

Here is my system

Soyo SY-6ba+4 Motherboard
Pentium 3 650MHZ
384Mb ram
QUE Cd R/RW 8432
Soundblaster live sound card
Creative labs savage s3 32mb agp video card
creative labs 52x cd rom
Creative Labs Modem blaster DSI 56k/v90(ISA)
OS Windows 98SE


01-26-2001, 04:32 PM
Sounds like IRQ problem to me. Go into System Tools/System Information and check to see what IRQ the modem shares(if any)...It is VERY hard to get PCI devices which are Plug n Play to go where ya want them to. You might want to place the modem card in another PCI slot....sometimes that will force it to another free IRQ ( should be on Com 3 IRQ 9/10/11 (one of these)in typical Win98 SE setup.

01-26-2001, 05:36 PM
Thanks Randy I will double check the IRQ to see if there is a conflict.
The modem is ISA Bus. I think that there is only 1 ISA slot on the MOBO.

Paleo Pete
01-27-2001, 09:01 AM
If the modem dials it's not an IRQ conflict, that would prevent dialing at all. The problem is in your dial up settings.

Go into Control Panel, open the Network icon and check the primary logon type. Check through the properties, and make sure everything is set correctly, and you'll have to call your ISP's tech support to make sure what the settings are.

This might also be a problem in your phone lines, noise or interference. Make sure the phone line is not tangled up in the other power cables to the computer, unplug all other phones and answering machnines from the line, and try again..

Call your ISP, they might have some other ideas to check. They will know the DNS settings and things of that nature that we can't give you.

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01-27-2001, 10:16 AM
Win 98 allows IRQ sharing as most are aware; however, if I heard you right, the modem will dial up once and then become inoperative until you delete it and reinstall. My guess is that Win plug n pray is putting it on a IRQ shared with the sound card and the modem isnt capable of doing that. I still maintain it's an IRQ prob! Will be glad to know what it turns out to be!! When I encounter this, I put a different brand or type of modem in the puter and that will usually solve the prob. More often than not, a PCI modem does the trick.

01-27-2001, 10:19 AM
More I think about it......more I think Paleo is right. Settings with ISP would more likely be the prob. Disregard the previous post !!!

01-28-2001, 02:08 AM
I used to work internet tech support, worst year I spent in my life. But, I learned alot.

IT is important to know if it is dialing, and then giving you that error message, which, I am guessing it does, because normally, you would get error 630, or 676, or 678 if it could be a modem itself problem.

Paleo had a good starter idea, cehck the phone line for any noise, unplug the devices, etc. If that doesn't help, do what you can do to get on once, and try to locate updated modem driver. If that doesn't help or work. Open up dial up networking. Right click your connection, go to properties. Click server types, and the only thing you want selected in there is TCP/IP . Most computers will have like 5 of them dotted, take them all out except one next to TCP/IP. Then click the TCP/IP settings button. In here, at the bottom, make sure you have a check in use default gateway, and take the check out of use ip header compression. More than likely on dial up you want it next to server assigned ip address. Call your isp to find out the Primary DNS number if there is one, but most ISP's will work with auto assigned. If your ISP is closed, use, it is the dns server of Bright.Net of Ohio, it will work temporarily, but call your isp to find out theirs. Next, close out of all this, and go into control panel, go under network. (I assume you have your windows cd handy, and that you don't have a network card installed.) Remove everything in here, so the box labeled "the following network components are installed:" is empty. hit ok, reboot, and when it restarts, it should open control panel again. Go back to network, click add=>adapter=>add=>microsoft=>dial up adapter, and click ok. It will add 3 items to your components box. clic add=>client=>add=>microsoft=>client for microsoft networks, hit ok, and then remove the "Microsoft Family Logon". Go into TCP/IP properties, and go under wins configuration, and put a dot next to disable wins resolution. hit ok, and hit ok again, and it will ask you to restart, when it does, hit ok. It might need the cd to copy some files, if it does, put in the cd, or point it to the cab files if you have the cd backed up on your hard drive. After this is all done, if this doesn't fix it, call your isp, and ask them if all these settins work with them, and if they all do, don't let them monkey you around with any b.s settins, like init strings and stuff, ask them if they support manual login, or terminal login, and if they do, ask them to set that up for you, and if they don't know how or won't, ask me, I'll tell you how to do that. The terminal login will tell you alot if what I just told you doesn't fix it. Cause, if what I just told you doesn't fix it, here is what it could be:

Your Modem driver isn't working properly

Your Line has telphone noise in it someplace between you and the phone company, many times when this is the case, it is like right outside your house or just down the street. This one sucks to fix cause phone companies don't care alot about the internet dialup.

Could be hitting bad modems on their bank. This isn't very likely, but it could be if after trying everything above it becomes a sporadic thing.

Could be 3rd party software in your computer causing it to happen, such as a firewall program or something else that might use the modem or internet connection, that might have modified dial up networking, in which case we would reinstall dial up networking, or disable any program like that, if you have one.

It is possible it is your modem. If this is the last thing that hasn't been elinated, try to get another known good modem, and install it, and see if you can use it to dial up this isp. Or, take your computer to another location and try to dial up to your isp. Or dial into another isp. Take your pick.

Joe Redd

01-29-2001, 11:56 AM
Well I looked at the IRQ and there is no conflict.

I will try Pete's Idea tonight.

Note,the only get a message stating "unable to establish connection"
after this the modem continues to dial the next number.

I do have the Phone line connected to a Fax Machine and from there to the PC. I'll remove the Fax and see if that will help.

I'll let you know how this turns out.

02-01-2001, 02:54 PM
Thanks everyone for the help!

It turned out to be the phone lines. We have called the Phone company
to have them fix it. ISP said it will take about a week before its fixed.

Thanks to All

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