View Full Version : Kapok/Clevo fatal audio error codes

12-15-2000, 10:42 AM
Help! Does anyone have any info on Kapok/Clevo audio error codes? Specifically the 6200A Model?

The audio codes do not seem to conform to the standard codes common to IBM, AMI, or Phoenix Bioses and Clevo is surprisingly unhelpful. Clevo apparently refuses to give out any information except to their official OEM/ODM partners.

The code given is 2 short and 1 long beep, followed by a pause then 3 short beeps, then the sequence repeats. This is a fatal error, no video is displayed and the boot process terminates.

The client reports that his display was erratic (blanked out if the cover position was changed) prior to failure, which could indicate a faulty switch in the lid. However, he also reported that his network access had (PCMCIA Card) had also failed prior to complete system failure.

Since I was unable to see this behavior personnally, I need the audio code to troubleshoot.

Any info would be *greatly* appreciated.

e-mail compudoc(at)mad.scientist.com