View Full Version : Cd-rom is not recognized on a restart.

12-27-2000, 05:06 PM
I have a Micron XKE notebook loaded with Win 98 SE. I believe the problem surfaced after I loaded the SE upgrade. Upon a normal bootup my cd-rom is identified and no problems. During a restart condition such as loading an application upon the restart the Cd-rom disappears. This makes it tough to access the CD for additional information etc. I need to find out what is different during a restart compare to a normal startup. What files and where are they located? Is this a driver problem? Originally the system was supplied with Win 95 Osr2.

12-30-2000, 05:18 AM
The only thing I can think of: Is your BIOS set so that it tries to boot off of the CD before the hard drive? If there is a non-bootable disk in the CD-ROM, maybe the system gives up on the drive altogether?

CD-ROM drivers are pretty much generic (I'm not counting the early days of CD). "Oak Technology" is the de facto standard driver for IDE.

12-31-2000, 11:14 PM

The drivers for CD-ROM are built right into Win9x. The (16-bit) "Oak Technology" driver is one of the things I place on a bootable floppy to enable a CD-ROM drive.