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William Volk
03-11-2002, 04:52 AM
I removed 1.44kb from ibm 70 P/N90x6766 to update an old ibm model 30 from 720kb drive.This 1.44 drive will only boot up as 720kb. I put another 1.44 that doesn't fit the slot on the ribbon and it reads as a 1.44.the DS jumper is set 1 on the drive I'm trying to use.Now if I boot up with this drive so the system see,s a 1.44kb and place the drive I'm trying to use it reads 1.44 disk. Just don't reboot.Is their any pins that read the type on the drive? Hope someone can answer this problem with some fix.

03-11-2002, 08:41 PM
Are we talking laptops here or old IBM PS/2 machines?

If I remember, some of the old machines were setup so that the max size drive for a: was 720k (because the 5.25" disk never came any biggeer than that) and b: was setup to take a 3.5" (upto 1.44MB or in some cases a 2.88MB) drive. Look in your setup program for a "switch floppy" line, this will make the a: drive b: and vice versa......

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