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09-06-2000, 06:09 PM
http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/confused.gifTrying to re-format a hard drive & load windows '98
keep getting "Invalid Media type reading Drive D"
How can I start over and format or find out what
this message means?????

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09-06-2000, 06:20 PM
Do you have boot disk? What is your D drive, your CD Rom? When you reformatted, did you go to dos prompt and type in format c:? When I reformat, I use windows 98 or windows Me boot disk, boot up with cd rom support, and then type in format c:, when that is done, I switch to cd rom drive, and type in setup, and it starts in stalling windows 98 or windows Me, depending on which os I decide to install. Same goes for windows 95. My question is what kind of computer, and what kind of windows disk do you have? is it a recovery disk? or is it full install of windows? Boot disk is made by going into add/remove programs applet in control panel, and selecting startup disk tab, and creating the disk. More system info would be nice in order to try and determine what other things could be causing the problem.

Joe Redd

09-06-2000, 06:35 PM
Part of the boot information contained on every disk includes a media descriptor byte, which identifies the type of media being used. If the descriptor byte is not recognized the system reports a "Invalid Media Type" error.
Reboot with Windows 98 system disk in the A: drive
Run Fdisk and create an active partition
Then format the c: drive and run the SYS utility from your floppy disk to get boot files on the C: drive

09-06-2000, 06:39 PM
ReddDogg-Thanks for the information! D Drive is the CD-Rom,Someone else
wiped out the hard drive & insists the computer was working before that
CD-Rom included.The windows disk is a full install '98 version 2
Computer appears to have DOS 6.22 loaded Thanks again!!!