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Sue B
11-04-2000, 01:04 PM
I have shifted my attention to another computer now while I ponder my options on another one. I just installed a new operating system on it (WIN 98) and I want to wipe all of that out and reinstall.

I knew how to install WIN 98 on a system without an operating system, but I'm not sure if I go to DOS or and just reformat or if I need to use my boot disk. A possible complication is I am using a BACKPACKER external CD Rom as mine does not have one internally.

If someone would be able to "walk me through" this, I'd appreciate it. I wonder why I'm fooling with this when it's a beautiful, warm Saturday in Minneapolis!



11-05-2000, 03:34 AM
Is your CDROM recognized when you boot with the Win98 startup disk and select "start with CDROM support"? If so, all you will need to do is format the hard drive and reinstall Win98.

At the A:\> prompt, type format_c:_/s [Enter], with the underscores meaning to leave one space. Don't type them in the command. You will get a message saying something like "Warning. All data on non-removable disk c: will be deleted. Are you sure?" Type Y [Enter] and the format will proceed (you'll see the percentage completed counting up). When that's done, the hard drive will be formatted and empty - ready for your reinstall of Win98.

If you're CDROM is not recognized when you boot with the startup floppy, please let us know and we'll help you with that... http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/wink.gif


Sue B
11-05-2000, 09:28 AM
My CD Rom is not recognized. I was thinking that was because it was an external Backpacker. I do have the disk with the drivers on it, though, if that is helpful.

I was unsure whether to format from the A prompt or the C so thanks for clarifying that.

I'll wait to "so the deed" until someone replies with some more help re: my special CD Rom situation. Or maybe I should scavange a CD Rom unit from a spare computer and try to install on this computer. Maybe that's more involved than I need to be right now.

Thanks for all your help.


11-05-2000, 01:58 PM
I can think of 2 ways to go from here, although your idea to install a scavenged internal CDROM is a good option.

Format the drive after booting from the startup disk, as above, which will make the hard drive bootable by itself. Boot to the C: drive, then install the DOS drivers for your CDROM. Once your CDROM is recognized you can proceed with the reinstall.
Don't do a complete format on the drive. Boot to DOS, Command Prompt Only, and be sure the CDROM drive is detected. If it is, make a new directory on the hard drive by typing md_win98 and then copy only the Win98 directory from the CD to it using this command: copy_d:\win98\*.*_c:\win98. Verify that the files copied over, then you can delete the C:\Windows directory by typing deltree_windows. Now change directory to c:\win98 and run setup from there.

If neither of these is the way you want to go, hopefully you'll get other suggestions from here... http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Sue B
11-07-2000, 12:15 AM
I'm so excited! I just finished this project and my computer is running smoothly. I tried to install a CD Rom from another computer and it needed an interface card, I guess, so I couldn't get it to work. So, I just used my Backpacker and followed Kim's suggestion #1. Only difficulty I had was figuring out I had to install the Windows drivers for BP at some point. I had already installed the DOS version and then after a certain point my drive wasn't recognized. That only caused momentary panic.

Smooth computer now after my reformat and reinstall. Thanks, Kim, for walking me through it. I appreciate it a lot. I've taken a computer that was on the "junk heap" and restored it to one that functions and is a considerable upgrade from the one I am using.

Thanks to all who particpate in this forum. It's great!