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01-28-2001, 04:47 PM
I am upgrading from Win95 to Win 98 with an ugrade CD. How do I load the CAB files to my harddrive during the upgrade process? Thanks

Paleo Pete
01-29-2001, 09:24 AM
Boot to the win98 Start Up disk, use Start Computer with CD ROM Support At the A:\> prompt change to the drive you want to copy the files to. Type the drive letter and a colon. Example: C: [Enter] would change to C drive. Note [Enter] means press the [Enter] key.

Then type md_win98 using a space in place of the underscore ( _ ) used here. That will create a directory named win98 on C drive. Then type dir [Enter] to get a directory listing and be sure the win98 directory is actually there.

Then change to the CD ROM drive, which letter will depend on how many drives are installed. A directory listing will help, only two drives will have a win98 directory, and you know you just created an empty one on C drive, so that's not the one you need.

Once you get into the CD ROM drive, type cd_win98 [Enter] which will change you into the win98 directory. The prompt should look like X:\WIN98> with X being your CD ROM drive letter.

When you get to that point type:

copy_*.*_C:\win98 [Enter] that will start the copy process, and copy all files in the win98 directory on the CD ROM to the win98 folder on C drive.

You can put the folder you create on any drive you like, as long as you have about 200MB free space on it, just use the correct drive letter. Watch the information onscreen at boot, the win98 start up disk creates a temporary RAM drive, the boot info will tell you what its drive letter is, your CD ROM should be the next letter. If the RAMdrive is E then your CD ROM should be F. DOn't try to copy the cab files to the RAMdrive, it's only about 2MB...

Once you get the files copied, change to that drive and directory and type setup [Enter] and that will start the installation process.

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01-29-2001, 01:54 PM
Thanks for the how to Pete. I found a different way to save them after I posted here. It is completely different from the way you described but I think it worked (I hope it worked), I can do a search for win*.cab in files and folders and it pulls up 55 files. The way I did it was this.

1: Insert windows8 CD into CD ROM

2: Copy the WIN 8 folder from the CD to the root of "C:" drive

3: Click "start" "run" and type "regedit" to bring up registry

4: Go the the registry key:

The SourcePath Key should be "D:\WIN8" Where D: is the drive letter of your CD Drive).

Change it to "C:\WIN8" so now it point to the files that you just copied onto your hard drive instead of the CD-ROM.

Paleo Pete
01-30-2001, 08:16 AM
Yep, that should work fine after windows is installed, I thought you meant before you installed it. You have to make sure you name the folder the same as the folder on the CD ROM if you do it that way, and it will work great, but watch the name, since it's looking for a specific folder name.

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