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02-06-2001, 09:45 PM
Okay, I'm new at this and have run into a road block and need some help.

I've come into an extra computer and wish to load NT 4.0 Server on to the HD. (Later, I'll do NT 2000) However, the current HD does NOT have an operating system on it. I have created the 3-3.5" disks established from the NT 4.0 Server CD.

As best as I understand, I need to creat 2 partitions which must be at least 125 MB. The issue is what tools must I have to go forward?

Love the challenge, but I'm at the end of my knowledge.


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02-07-2001, 10:29 AM
Get a Windows 98 Boot disk and use FDISK to create an active partition. Depending on the size of the disk you could create all the partitions here or just one for the install. Once the install has begun you'll get the chance to delete and then increase the size of this first(system) partition, up to a max of 4GB and formatted in NTFS, or you can accept the defaults. When NT is up and running you can use Disk Administrator to create and format the rest of your partitions.

After rereading my post I discovered I made an error!!! If you were installing Windows 2000
you could use 98's fdisk to create all the partitions. (because 2000 can read FAT32.) But for NT I would just create one 2GB FAT16 partition and use NT's disk administator to partition the rest of the disk.

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