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02-24-2001, 01:41 AM
Hello I have a problem with my printer Win 95 I installed a new modem and had to unplug the printer/fax I installed the modem ok but now i get errors on my printer it acts like it is sending information but nothing happens I deleted the printer from control panel and reinstalled it still same thing says cable port prob or something like that so I thought maybe the cord was bad changed it still nothing I have another pronter over at the church and I brought it over and installed it got the same message so I guess something in my config is messed up or something any help out there ? thanks Jerry

02-24-2001, 10:09 AM
With no more information than you gave (we really need the Model of Printer & Computer basic specs) my guess is that you have the wrong setting in your BIOS for the type printer you have. If you have never gone into the BIOS settings before, you might want to get someone to help you. Typically to get into bios, type DELETE key as the computer begins to count RAM after you turn it on. A SETUP screen will appear (usually Blue in color) ....one of the Selections is "Integrated Peripherals" or something that includes peripherals in it.......go to the settings related to "Printer"......change to ECP or Normal ...if already ECP, change to SPP and save and restart the computer........then try the printer again. If that doesnt do it.....your printer drivers are not in correct or you may have a defective printer....in any case, you will then need a technician to get it going.

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02-24-2001, 10:57 AM
I agree with Randy in that we need more info. Not to sure about sending you into changing BIOS settings. Sounds to me like this printer worked prior to the modem install. What and why did you unplug on the printer? Are you sure the cables are all plugged in securly and to the right places? Have you been to Start>Settings>Control panel>Device manager, and looked for conflicts? Let us know so we know if we helped

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02-24-2001, 11:16 AM
thanks guys something happened when I unplugged the printer (not sure what I could have done all I did was unscrew the cord and unplug it) a tech told me the printer port went out, I don't know what I did all I did was unplug it he is putting me a new one in today thanks again jerry
he said the bios and setting were all ok