01-05-2001, 08:27 PM
At any old time my screen can lock up tight! Can't end task. Must completely shut down, reboot, scan disk, recover desktop, etc. What a pain! PLEASE help by emailing me at Lizlarrabe@aol.com. I love you for this. This is my second attempt at getting this message through. I FROZE up the first time.

01-05-2001, 11:34 PM
First, and this goes for alot of posts, it's much easier for people to help you if you give them more info on your system, at a minimum you should tell them your cpu and speed, ram, hard drive, operating system (covered on this post) and any recently installed software and/or hardware. Plus, if you're having a problem, try to figure out what you're doing when it happens and put that in the post as well...

Second, I've heard of A LOT of problems with ME...and witnessed quite a few myself, my favorite was the one system I had it on where I would get a bsod whenever I closed the sounds tab in control panel...if you're considering an upgrade to ME and you're running 98 SE...DON'T DO IT!!!

98 SE outperforms ME (granted by a small margin) and most of the improvements to ME are not all that useful in practice...

As for the problem here...could be alot of things, my first guess would be a program that is not working and playing well with others...antivirus software is pretty famous for that and I know Norton in particular has an issue with ME that they have issued a fix for...

Also, you're an AOL user...did you upgrade to 6.0 recently? A new version of AOL is always good for some bugs...

Did you upgrade to ME, clean install, get it preinstalled on the system? Upgrades are usually more trouble than they're worth...and if you got the system recently, I'd bug their tech support...eventually, if you're lucky, a real person will answer the phone and be rude to you...

If none of the above helps or applies to you, try to give everybody some more info on your system and troubles...

01-06-2001, 01:05 PM
Could be heat build up or memory ( if you have a mix of different memory sticks and no option in your BIOS to configure each bank by itself. one or more of the memory sticks might "fail" if it doesn't like the CAS or speed setting.)

Does your BIOS setup display CPU temps? If it does boot your computer go into the BIOS and watch the temp readings for awhile if it goes above 105 your living on the edge. Or you could also download a monitoring program that allows you to watch the temps while operating your computer.

I'm sure someone else here will have some other things you can try.

Good luck http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif